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Tomorrow the missus and I will be competing in a 5k, then gorging ourselves on turkey and all the trimmings (well,  most of them–not my beard trimmings…I hope). In honor of the day, I decided to post some things we’re thankful for. Mrs. Cranky Dad Wolfe Cranky Dad Extended family The Internet Naptime Cranky Dad […]

Runner’s Revenge

A year ago, my unborn son was just a floating blob of protoplasm. I leaned down next to my wife’s stomach and promised him that I would run a half marathon before he was six months old. Yesterday I lived up to that promise. Ok, most of that didn’t actually happen–especially since I’ve run a […]

FLL Mag | Fine Living Lancaster Magazine

FLL Mag | Fine Living Lancaster Magazine. – A post about doing things you don’t like to do.

Running Behind

I’m training for a half marathon that I’ll be running next month. (And by training, I mean carb loading like crazy by eating as much pizza as I can.) The only thing I don’t like, besides the running, is not being able to take little guy along with me. This is probably why I had […]

Kids’ Bikes and Sexism

Today I went for a long run. Ten miles. (I’m training for a half marathon. Then it’s on to more half exercises.) I did my running at the college in our town. My wife and Wolfe came over about halfway through to walk some hills. When I was done, my wife took a quick run […]