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My Son’s Superpower

I’ve discovered that my son has a super power. All summer, the little guy has been sleeping well. He’ll be out for eight or nine hours, wake up for a bottle and then go back to sleep for two or three more hours. Plus he still naps a couple times per day. It’s been great. […]

The Year in Review

Tomorrow marks one year since our little guy popped out. Here is a pictorial trip down memory lane. A little over a year ago… Straight out of uterus. All three of us. I did the least work to get to this point. Oh, the indignity. Two of my favorite people! Random pic of a cat […]

A Poem at 11:17 pm, One Week Before Christmas

Little boy All dressed in red Won’t you rest your weary head? Won’t you close your eyes and sleep? (I’m so tired I could weep.) Then you say, “Ah da da da,” And I’m glad that we had ya.