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Featured Contributor — Matt Duvall

Originally posted on Hazard Yet Forward:
Why did I choose to participate in this anthology? Donna was one of the first people I met when I started my master’s program at Seton Hill University. She is a good friend and a truly generous human being. While many writers (or maybe just I) can be cynical,…

Disenchanted with Daycare

In August Wolfe goes to daycare. It’s a bit traumatic, actually–more than I thought it would be. Months ago, before he was born, my wife and I checked out a number of local facilities. We think we picked the best one (but how can you ever be completely sure?). I was thinking, though, that in […]

Support Your Team

I love sitting on the couch holding my son. There’s nothing better in the world. Only one problem–like his dad, Wolfe’s body temperature is “the sun.” We both end up sweaty messes. This has always been an issue for me. When I exercise, I need three outfits. One for working out, one for cool down […]

The Tax Man Cometh

Very soon–much too soon for my taste–my wife and I will be back at work, molding the youth of America. When we go back, Wolfe will start his own educational adventure at day care. I’m not sure I’ll be ok with it emotionally, but at least I wasn’t worrying (too much) about it financially, because […]

Originally posted on Hazard Yet Forward:
Why did I choose to participate in this anthology? Because it’s for Donna. It’s as simple as that. Donna is kind, generous, fun, vivacious, full of spunk and energy, and just plain ol’ good people. If the situation were reversed, not only would she have contributed, she would have…

Things That Make Me Cranky, Part 1

Being the parent of a newborn can be challenging. There are the unexplainable tantrums, the hunger pangs leading to jag crying, the lingering smell of spit up/poop/snot/wet wipes. Add to this all the issues the kid has, too, and you can imagine it’s not always gumdrops and roses. This might be why lately little things […]

Church is Dangerous

Today my wife made me and Wolfe go to church again. I’ve tried to convince her that church is dangerous, but she refuses to listen. My point, however, was proven in a most unsettling manner. Wolfe was asleep when we got there, so we left him in his car seat. Unfortunately the pew was full […]