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Runner’s Revenge

A year ago, my unborn son was just a floating blob of protoplasm. I leaned down next to my wife’s stomach and promised him that I would run a half marathon before he was six months old. Yesterday I lived up to that promise. Ok, most of that didn’t actually happen–especially since I’ve run a […]


I’ve been running a lot lately to train for a half marathon in October. In the meantime, our son was diagnosed with torticollis and now has his own regimen of exercises we have to do every day. We are exercising fiends! The good news is, the prognosis for a little guy with torticollis is pretty […]

FLL Mag | Fine Living Lancaster Magazine

FLL Mag | Fine Living Lancaster Magazine. – A post about doing things you don’t like to do.

Running Behind

I’m training for a half marathon that I’ll be running next month. (And by training, I mean carb loading like crazy by eating as much pizza as I can.) The only thing I don’t like, besides the running, is not being able to take little guy along with me. This is probably why I had […]