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The Power of Technology

Dear Applicant: Thank you for completing the 22-page application form and uploading your cover letter, resume, statement of purpose, life mission statement, unofficial college transcripts, official college transcripts, contact information for 15 references, current photograph, government verifications of your identity, and recent medical history. Our time is very important to us. Therefore, you will only […]

Back in the Saddle

It’s been nearly a year since I posted anything on this site, and even longer than that since I posted here regularly at all. During that time, I have gotten multiple requests to revive my witty(?) writing. That’s right, multiple–as in more than one.

My Son Will Never…

Use a rotary dial phone Listen to old-time radio sitcoms on cassette tape (unless I can sneak one past my wife) Have to pay $1.00 because he didn’t rewind a video tape Need to rewind the answering machine tape Have to wonder when his family is going to get an answering machine (for my family, […]