Monthly Archives: May 2013

Why I Don’t Talk Much

Last week, my son started wheezing. By Wednesday, he sounded worse, so we made an appointment with the doctor. Since he was active as ever, had a healthy appetite, and seemed his usual congenial self (aside from breathing like Darth Vader), I figured we were in for a quick checkup and possibly a prescription to […]

Your Writing Is Crap

This afternoon I was feeling contemplative and so I wrote one of my horrible poems– full text below. On a cloudy day Late in May I sat and watched my son Struggle to roll And giggle in play. Boxing was on in the background And I thought of dreams and hopes And then he rolled […]

The Year in Review

Tomorrow marks one year since our little guy popped out. Here is a pictorial trip down memory lane. A little over a year ago… Straight out of uterus. All three of us. I did the least work to get to this point. Oh, the indignity. Two of my favorite people! Random pic of a cat […]