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Two Years Ago…

(Our son at 1 day old…) Two years ago at this time, I had no idea who our son was. I was unaware of how our lives were about to change. I’d be remiss not to start off with some mention of my wife, since she has been, quite frankly, instrumental in this process of […]

The Fish Arms

Now that our son can walk, he selectively decides when he wants to be picked up. Usually, as far as I can tell, the decision tree goes something like this: Is Mom/Dad carrying something heavy? (Pick me up!) Is Mom/Dad on her/his way to do something important, like go to the bathroom? (Pick me up!) […]

On Being a Creeper

My son is a creeper. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a cute little guy and a lot of fun to hang around with. But…he’s definitely a creeper. And somehow, all that gosh-darned cuteness allows him to get away with it. Tonight, for instance, we were out for dinner. Mid-way through eating one of the complimentary […]

The Thoughts of a 15-month-old

Last November I posted what my son was thinking as he went about his daily business. Well, as he’s matured, so has his thought process. So now I give: what I imagine my son thinks, nine months later. Hey, I’m standing up. Wow, everything looks so different from up here. Look at that toy. It’s […]

Why I Don’t Talk Much

Last week, my son started wheezing. By Wednesday, he sounded worse, so we made an appointment with the doctor. Since he was active as ever, had a healthy appetite, and seemed his usual congenial self (aside from breathing like Darth Vader), I figured we were in for a quick checkup and possibly a prescription to […]

The Year in Review

Tomorrow marks one year since our little guy popped out. Here is a pictorial trip down memory lane. A little over a year ago… Straight out of uterus. All three of us. I did the least work to get to this point. Oh, the indignity. Two of my favorite people! Random pic of a cat […]