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Feeling Cranky Again

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about being cranky, because it’s been a while since something’s made me really cranky. Tonight, though…I’m cranky. Here’s why. I always used to hate the stories that would start with, “When you’re a parent, then you’ll understand…”. I still hate those stories, but now I understand them. This […]

Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?

Tonight my wife was feeding our son. I went downstairs to get the medicine he’s taking, which has to be stored in the fridge. When I got back upstairs, I encountered my wife in the hall, carrying our son in her arms. “Gotta poop,” she said. “Don’t you want to leave him with me?” I […]

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Our little guy is battling yet another cold and upper respiratory infection. The breathing problems, I’m afraid, come from me. (Things my son has inherited from me, aside from his dashing good looks and infectious personality: a lot of hair, tendency to sweat profusely and breathing problems). Besides the nebulizer treatments, the doc also prescribed […]

Still Cranky

I know my postings have been sparse lately. You might think I don’t have anything to be cranky about anymore. If so, you’re wrong. I’m cranky as ever–maybe even crankier. The real reason my posts have slowed to a trickle is that I’ve returned to the hallowed hoary halls (hey, alliteration!) of higher education. After […]

Tales From the Trenches

Sunday after the Super Bowl festivities, Wolfe looked at me and said, “Dad, that was the best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen!” Then we both had a good laugh, because it’s the only Super Bowl he’s ever seen. Then we ate a few more chicken wings and nachos and collapsed in a food coma. Just […]

January in Pictures

I take a picture of my son almost every day. Since I teach part-time, I’m able to pick him up from daycare in the early afternoon. My wife is still slaving away, though, so I send her a picture of our little guy to brighten her day (and/or rub salt in the wound, especially on […]

My Son, the Nincompoop

The other day I read this article from 2010 about how we’re raising modern kids to be nincompoops. I thought it was a little scary, a little funny and a whole lot biased–I work with teenagers and while there are a fair number of nincompoops, there are also some very bright kids. I’ve got to […]

The Tooth Will Set You Free

When our son was about two weeks old, my wife and I thought we could feel his teeth coming in. (Turns out he just has titanium gums.) Periodically over the next few months one or the other of us would be convinced he was teething. Finally, at around seven months, there were two unmistakeable bubbles […]

Wolfe’s First Christmas

I started a detailed list of everything that happened on my son’s first Christmas. By the time I got to point IV. A. 1.1, though, I decided that might not be super interesting for anyone other than me. So here are the highlights: Breakfast: milk + a shot of formula nog for Wolfe. His mother […]

Christmas Eve

People keep asking my wife and me if we’re excited for Christmas. They also find it necessary to inform us that this is our son’s first Christmas (I am bad at math, but after a quick check of the abacus I’d already figured that out). We are excited to have a long break from school […]