Monthly Archives: February 2018

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center: A Review

Last weekend, in honor of Presidents’ Day, we had planned a trip to LEGOLAND® Discover Center Philadelphia (which is in Plymouth Meeting). But the stomach virus that’s been going around had other plans–other plans that involved all three of the kids becoming puking machines within minutes of each other. But, LEGOLAND® Discovery Center was kind […]

Things That Don’t Work: “Jutht Call Me Thplit Tongue”

This morning, I was cutting waffles for my kids to eat when my daughter wandered in. “Can I lick the knife?” she asked. I remembered what happened yesterday when I said (and then sang) “no” to her. So I said, “Sure.” Hence the subtitle of this post. Editorial note for the modern social media landscape: […]

Things That Don’t Work

I know a lot of parenting blogs like to share tips about how to be a better parent. I think sharing my failures will be more helpful. And it will mean I have a lot more to post. So here’s what I learned today. If you tell your daughter “no,” and she starts to throw […]