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January in Pictures

I take a picture of my son almost every day. Since I teach part-time, I’m able to pick him up from daycare in the early afternoon. My wife is still slaving away, though, so I send her a picture of our little guy to brighten her day (and/or rub salt in the wound, especially on […]

Christmas Eve

People keep asking my wife and me if we’re excited for Christmas. They also find it necessary to inform us that this is our son’s first Christmas (I am bad at math, but after a quick check of the abacus I’d already figured that out). We are excited to have a long break from school […]

My First Fourth

My wife and I were told by many parents that having a child would change our lives. No more sleeping in. No more showering on more than a weekly basis. No more having fun of any kind. There was almost a bitterly vindictive happiness in their sober warnings. Those warnings weren’t completely inaccurate. My wife […]