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Drawstrings: The Last String

I’m still cranky, I just haven’t had much time to write about it lately. Now that the summer is here, though, I’m finally able to vent my frustration (some of it–there’s a pretty big backlog). Hopefully I’ll get to all of my complaints, but for now I’ll just focus on the most pressing. Today’s topic […]


Today our son discovered the word “smash.” He thinks it’s hilarious. He gave himself hiccups saying it and then giggling. Even though it’s an old standard for me, I found myself saying it back to him and giggling too. I did not get the hiccups, though. Then my wife came in and smashed the giant […]

The Mind

Our son has recently hit a new milestone: he’s started defining things as “mine.” Like “my block,” “my bottle,” “my mama.” He’s also starting to know his own mind–what he wants (usually “apple juice”) and when he wants it (generally, “now”). So I’m looking forward to the next phase, when he starts to ask “why?”. […]

Early Wake Ups

Our little guy has been waking up at nights in recent days, due to teething (and who knows what else–toddlers are like the weather in terms of changeability). This morning when my wife and I got up to start our day, he woke up as well. He was having trouble falling back to sleep, so […]

Nothing to Fear

When I was a kid, I loved scary movies. Two that really stand out in my memory are Nightmare on Elm Street (so long, Johnny Depp) and The Hills Have Eyes. Now, though, I don’t even blink an eye at most horror films. Instead, I’m unreasonably affected by news stories where children are involved. Before […]

A Few Favorite Things

My son’s first birthday is a month away and I don’t know what to get him. I want something memorable, environmentally responsible, eclectic, fun and most of all, affordable. I know some of his favorite things: Binkies Cardboard boxes Cat collars with a bell on them Sweet potatoes (although he calls them “yams”) Earrings, but […]