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Dads are Parents Too

My wife has a thing for magazines. Especially if they’re free. So with baby #2 on the way, our visits to the ob-gyn office have resulted in even more stacks of reading material sitting around the house. So I picked up one called Parenting, to see what kind of advice I could glean from it. […]

Free Advice

We used to get lots of advice about our son. Lately it’s kind of tapered off, although there was the 19-year-old bagger at the grocery store who told me, “You think it’s tough now? Wait until he’s six!” Instead, these days I find myself inclined to give advice to those younger and/or less experienced than […]

Toilet Seat Down

Unlike Cale, the hero of White House Down (played by Channing Tatum), the coolest thing I’ll probably ever get to yell is “Toilet seat down.” I sincerely doubt I will ever have the opportunity or need to rescue my child (and, along the way, the President) from evil terrorists who are plotting world destruction. While […]

Nothing to Fear

When I was a kid, I loved scary movies. Two that really stand out in my memory are Nightmare on Elm Street (so long, Johnny Depp) and The Hills Have Eyes. Now, though, I don’t even blink an eye at most horror films. Instead, I’m unreasonably affected by news stories where children are involved. Before […]

A Few Favorite Things

My son’s first birthday is a month away and I don’t know what to get him. I want something memorable, environmentally responsible, eclectic, fun and most of all, affordable. I know some of his favorite things: Binkies Cardboard boxes Cat collars with a bell on them Sweet potatoes (although he calls them “yams”) Earrings, but […]

Scary Movies

I’ve always loved scary movies. As a kid, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre haunted me for days (especially the first one, because I lived on Elm Street). I’ve been thinking about things that scare me now, as a new parent, and came up with a list of movie titles […]

Wolfe’s First Christmas

I started a detailed list of everything that happened on my son’s first Christmas. By the time I got to point IV. A. 1.1, though, I decided that might not be super interesting for anyone other than me. So here are the highlights: Breakfast: milk + a shot of formula nog for Wolfe. His mother […]