Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Thoughts of a 15-month-old

Last November I posted what my son was thinking as he went about his daily business. Well, as he’s matured, so has his thought process. So now I give: what I imagine my son thinks, nine months later. Hey, I’m standing up. Wow, everything looks so different from up here. Look at that toy. It’s […]

Free Advice

We used to get lots of advice about our son. Lately it’s kind of tapered off, although there was the 19-year-old bagger at the grocery store who told me, “You think it’s tough now? Wait until he’s six!” Instead, these days I find myself inclined to give advice to those younger and/or less experienced than […]

My Son’s Superpower

I’ve discovered that my son has a super power. All summer, the little guy has been sleeping well. He’ll be out for eight or nine hours, wake up for a bottle and then go back to sleep for two or three more hours. Plus he still naps a couple times per day. It’s been great. […]