Monthly Archives: June 2012

A Bit of a Stretch

It’s tough to admit that a little person who is less than two months old can teach you something (especially when you know as much as I do). But I have to acknowledge that Wolfe has taught me a few things in the eight or so weeks he’s been around. Some of these are personal […]

Dodge ‘Em

Yesterday my wife and I took Wolfe on a little shopping trip to the local department store. I’ve gotten to the point where I hardly ever bash the little guy’s car seat against walls, pillars, sidewalks or other inanimate objects. But as we ventured into the baby section of the store, it hit me. Literally. […]

Plenty of Advice

Unless you’re a parent (or possibly a pet owner), you probably don’t get the single greatest benefit my wife and I have enjoyed since last August: free advice. The only problem is, you usually get what you pay for. The advice comes from everyone possible–health care providers, other parents, random people on the street (including […]

Batteries Not Included

My latest gripe is toys for infants. Not the toys themselves–it’s the batteries that bother me. First of all, I understand that all those lights, sounds, laser beams and chain saws require a lot of power. But if we’ve had solar-powered cars since the 1970s, couldn’t somebody have figured out how to run all that […]

Great Dads Are Fictional

One post about Father’s Day just wasn’t enough…so I’m making this Father’s Week. (I know, it’s very conceited and self-centered of me–but it helps me to be less cranky.) I ran across an article by Gayle Falkenthal for Communities at about the top ten TV mold-breaking dads, and I noticed something–these guys are all […]

Father’s Day Five

First of all, happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! Now, if you’re anything like me and my wife, as soon as you told people you were having a baby you were deluged with all the negatives of being a parent. Sleep?, those well-wishers would comment. Say goodbye to that! Movies? Can’t even […]

Dads Are Worthless

I’m taking a step away from directly posting about my parenting experience to address a more general issue: gender bias and stereotypes. (I know, I already posted something related to this. I’m posting something else about it now.) In a response to my last blog, somebody pointed me to an article about how dads are […]