Monthly Archives: August 2012

One Uppers

As a new parent, there’s nothing more exciting than the first time your baby smiles, or babbles, or holds his head up on his own. And since this child is now the focus of your life, you’re excited to share. Now, my wife and I try to restrain ourselves (other than the 5,000,000 pics of […]

Wake Up!

I know most new parents are concerned about getting their kids to fall asleep, but at some point you’ll wake up after five or six hours and have a mini heart attack when you realize junior hasn’t stirred (then you’ll look at him so intensely that he wakes up and looks at YOU like, “Why […]

System Fail

Today my wife and I took Wolfe to see a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. (Don’t worry, he’s fine–the details will have to wait for another post.) What isn’t fine, though, is the check-in process at the doctor’s office. When we arrived, the receptionist told us to sign in on the sign-in sheet and have a seat […]

Inherited Traits

My wife and I often debate what personality traits and physical attributes our son has (or will have) from each of us. She says he gets his excessive sweatiness from me. I say he has her chin. Some things seem to be a hybrid–he sleeps for short bursts like I do, but he’s grumpy in […]

Being a Great Person

I hope when my son grows up he is a great person. Obviously it would be nice if being great means he wins the most US Olympic gold medals ever and buys a new house for me and his mom, but I’ll settle for him just being a genuine, caring, hard-working individual. I like to […]


At lunch the other day, we were discussing the issues with bringing up your child’s genius status to his teachers/caregivers. You don’t want to seem to arrogant, but at the same time you don’t want your kid to be stuck in the chicken coop with the chickens when he should be soaring with the eagles. […]

Lessons From Daycare

Our son completed his first week at daycare today. Here are a few things we’ve all learned. Dropping your child off is a lot harder on mom and dad than it is on the child (at least when he’s under six months old) Even with superior martial arts skills like I have, it’s tough to […]