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Free Comic Book

I decided to write the comic nobody knows they’ve been waiting for: The Adventures of Sally Wheeler, Substitute Teacher

I’m Right and You’re an Idiot

I was picking Wolfe up from daycare the other day. When I walked into the classroom, he was giggling and playing with one of the other kids, whom I will call C. Wolfe and C were having a great time. I found myself wondering (mostly because of the tassel loafers) if C might not be […]

Lessons From Daycare

Our son completed his first week at daycare today. Here are a few things we’ve all learned. Dropping your child off is a lot harder on mom and dad than it is on the child (at least when he’s under six months old) Even with superior martial arts skills like I have, it’s tough to […]

Things That Make Me Cranky, Part 2

A while ago, I posted some specific things that make me cranky, including the jungle we call our backyard. Well, with the first day back to school (at least at our school) for teachers tomorrow, I’m in a rare mood today…so here are more things making me cranky right now. Finally mustering up the resolve […]