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Today our son discovered the word “smash.” He thinks it’s hilarious. He gave himself hiccups saying it and then giggling. Even though it’s an old standard for me, I found myself saying it back to him and giggling too. I did not get the hiccups, though. Then my wife came in and smashed the giant […]

The Thoughts of a 15-month-old

Last November I posted what my son was thinking as he went about his daily business. Well, as he’s matured, so has his thought process. So now I give: what I imagine my son thinks, nine months later. Hey, I’m standing up. Wow, everything looks so different from up here. Look at that toy. It’s […]

Brawn Is Not a Color

When I moved to the central Pennsylvania area in 2006, I was prepared for a lot of differences. What I was not prepared for was the PA Dutch accent. It’s most noticeable on certain words–“brown” sounds like “brawn,” “down” like “don,” “bury” like “hurry.” There are also some odd inflections. A person’s not “35 years […]