I spent most of 2019 – until the beginning of this month – with a stress fracture in my left femur. I only knew it was a stress fracture in July. Prior to that, I thought I was just feeling really lazy. Now my femur looks like this (picture below). A few screws and voila […]

Yesterday I woke up an hour before my alarm went off. I couldn’t get back to sleep. I lay there, thinking about how it could be the last day of my life. Hyperbolic? Sure. Irrational? Of course. I was scheduled for a surgery – a relatively minor one, as such things go. Routine. But the […]

It’s almost my birthday! In honor of…myself, I guess?…I created a playlist of songs that have been meaningful to me in one way or another throughout my life so far. Originally I was just going to do a top 10, but that was too tough, so I upped it to 15. There are still so […]

Last year I gave a long and extensive review of 2017. I have a similar epistle for 2018, but it’s only available through my paywall. It was a year of ups and downs—but aren’t they all? To give you a little taste, though, here are my lists from the last 12 months. A Few Books […]

Our six-year-old lost his first tooth this week. He was eating a bowl of popcorn when it happened. Did I finish the popcorn? I did. We never did find the tooth, so either I ate it or my son did. At least, that’s our theory. We’re not taking the steps necessary to confirm that. Since […]

I reminded my wife that if we didn’t like her, there was a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy at the hospital. I thought that was a brilliant joke. My wife, in the throes of labor, didn’t agree.

Yesterday, my wife and I hosted a meet-and-greet for Cesar Liriano, a great candidate for the 101st congressional district here in Pennsylvania. You can learn more about Cesar at http://www.cesarlirianoforthe101.com. During the picnic, all three of our kids were going bananas for these popsicles we got (none of which were banana-flavored, but that’s beside the point). […]

I decided to write the comic nobody knows they’ve been waiting for: The Adventures of Sally Wheeler, Substitute Teacher

Today, my daughter’s late arrival to preschool came courtesy of Mr. Grumposaurus, our almost-six-year-old. He couldn’t brush his teeth. He couldn’t put on his shoes. His motor skills had degraded to the point that he couldn’t even muster the strength to pull on his coat. “Let’s go!” I exhorted him. (This is the worst thing […]

Eventually she sniffled herself to sleep while I reflected on how, even though I am theoretically the adult, I still make some shoddy parenting choices–like getting into a battle of wills with a 3-year-old over whether she can get out of bed to retrieve a tissue. I wondered if I had done permanent and lasting damage to her young psyche.