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Things That Don’t Work: “Jutht Call Me Thplit Tongue”

This morning, I was cutting waffles for my kids to eat when my daughter wandered in. “Can I lick the knife?” she asked. I remembered what happened yesterday when I said (and then sang) “no” to her. So I said, “Sure.” Hence the subtitle of this post. Editorial note for the modern social media landscape: […]


Tonight my wife was hoisting our son in the air, giving him a minuscule toss at the peak of each lift. Seriously, her hands barely lost contact with his armpits. He was having the time of his life, giggling hysterically. I took him and pressed him up in the air a few times, too. Then […]


At lunch the other day, we were discussing the issues with bringing up your child’s genius status to his teachers/caregivers. You don’t want to seem to arrogant, but at the same time you don’t want your kid to be stuck in the chicken coop with the chickens when he should be soaring with the eagles. […]