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I’ve been running a lot lately to train for a half marathon in October. In the meantime, our son was diagnosed with torticollis and now has his own regimen of exercises we have to do every day. We are exercising fiends! The good news is, the prognosis for a little guy with torticollis is pretty […]

Kids at Appointments?

I have my annual check up at the doctor’s on Monday. I’m excited because I should be at (or at least close to) the “Overweight” column when they print my BMI, instead of in the “Obese” section. I’m debating what to do about my son, though. Usually I pick him up when I leave work […]


One pair of Fruit of the Loom underwear, brief style, blue with gray waistband, condition: some fabric softener stains; otherwise, average. One Woody Hayes commemorative edition bobblehead, still in packaging. One copy of the Reader’s Digest printing of Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth. These were my father’s legacy to me. To be fair, he didn’t […]

Songs For My Son

I’ve been trying to include songs when I interact with Wolfe to aid his development. Most kids’ songs make me cranky, though (the one exception is “Row Row Row Your Boat”–I love the existential angst that lurks just below the surface). So I’ve been making up my own songs for my son. My wife says […]

More Underdeveloped Ideas

A while back, I posted some underdeveloped ideas–things that make me cranky, but not cranky enough to write a whole blog about. Well, it’s time for some more. Enjoy! We’re starting to have to dress Wolfe in warmer clothes. Can nobody invent a coat for infants that doesn’t require a three-person team to put on? […]

Clothing That Makes Me Cranky

According to the article “Do These Genes Make My Brain Look Big?“, a baby’s head size is “highly heritable, meaning genetics accounts for a large portion of infant head circumference variability.” In other words, I am responsible for my son’s oversize noggin–at least partially. I know the curse of a large head. At my college […]

Things You Shouldn’t Talk About, Part 2

A few days ago, I posted about religion. This week, as I was trying to soothe Wolfe to sleep one night, I saw a post on Facebook about the Chicago teacher’s strike. I usually don’t get worked up about politics–especially not on Facebook (I leave that for my dyed-in-the-wool liberal wife). But the comments on […]

What’s YOUR Percentile?

Our son had his four month checkup recently. We discovered that he has one eye smaller than the other. We also discovered it’s because I have one eye smaller than the other. I finally understand why in some pictures it looks like I have a lazy eye. Get to work, eye! He also has a […]

FLL Mag | Fine Living Lancaster Magazine

FLL Mag | Fine Living Lancaster Magazine. – A post about doing things you don’t like to do.

More Best Books Ever

A while ago, I posted about the best books ever. Well, in the meantime Wolfe has really become a voracious reader. He’s added a few more gems to his ever-growing favorites shelf (and you should see the reviews he’s posted on Goodreads!). Here are the new additions to his list: Fox in Socks, Bricks and […]