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Guest Blogging About Genders

Calm, Cool and Committed: Gender Bending

It’s Halloween, Baby! (Or, “It’s Halloween Baby!”)

Hurricane Sandy means our trick-or-treating has been postponed until next Wednesday. Normally this would make me cranky, but it’s actually a good thing, because we don’t have a Halloween costume for our son yet. With a son named Wolfe, the costume seems obvious. But given the genetic predisposition our son has for being hairy (thanks […]

FLL Mag | Fine Living Lancaster Magazine

A maddeningly good read… FLL Mag | Fine Living Lancaster Magazine.

Autumn Blowout

In his nearly six months on earth, my son has only had a couple of blowouts. For the uninitiated, a “blowout” occurs when there is more excrement than there is diaper. The few times it’s happened, the force and mass of my son’s poop has caused seepage out the sides. Until today. Today we experienced […]

Runner’s Revenge

A year ago, my unborn son was just a floating blob of protoplasm. I leaned down next to my wife’s stomach and promised him that I would run a half marathon before he was six months old. Yesterday I lived up to that promise. Ok, most of that didn’t actually happen–especially since I’ve run a […]

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Image Courtesy In 1988, Ronald Reagan declared October Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  His hope (and the hope of those supporting his proclamation) was to help bring attention to the grief that affects so many families. The American Pregnancy Association reports this – “Every year in…

The Pain of Loss

In 1988, President Reagan declared October National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. One of my previous posts described how my wife and I suffered a molar pregnancy in 2010. Losing a baby is devastating, no matter when or how it happens. Everybody deals differently. I threw myself into work. I remember that it seemed […]