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Free Comic Book

I decided to write the comic nobody knows they’ve been waiting for: The Adventures of Sally Wheeler, Substitute Teacher

My Kids, the Junkies

Recently, the latest version of the “Screens are Digital Heroin” story made the rounds on social media. My wife, ever helpful, tagged me in some of the debates because my doctoral studies included research on technology for learning and digital games. I’ll never be comfortable labeling myself an expert, and god knows nobody else has […]

The Power of Technology

Dear Applicant: Thank you for completing the 22-page application form and uploading your cover letter, resume, statement of purpose, life mission statement, unofficial college transcripts, official college transcripts, contact information for 15 references, current photograph, government verifications of your identity, and recent medical history. Our time is very important to us. Therefore, you will only […]

Blessing or Curse?

There is an expression that goes like this: “May you live in interesting times.” It sounds like a blessing, but it’s actually a curse. Similarly, I remember people telling a younger me, “Just wait until you have kids. It will change everything.” I assumed they meant this positively. Now, I wonder if they were secretly […]

2017: The Year of the Colon: A Review

Musings: Year End Thoughts and Reminiscing: AKA Navel Gazing These are some things I remember from the year that was. (Old joke: They say the knees are the second thing to go.¬†What’s the first? I don’t remember. Har har har.) 2017 was a weird year for me, for our family, and quite possibly for the […]

Dads are Parents Too

My wife has a thing for magazines. Especially if they’re free. So with baby #2 on the way, our visits to the ob-gyn office have resulted in even more stacks of reading material sitting around the house. So I picked up one called Parenting, to see what kind of advice I could glean from it. […]

On Being a Creeper

My son is a creeper. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a cute little guy and a lot of fun to hang around with. But…he’s definitely a creeper. And somehow, all that gosh-darned cuteness allows him to get away with it. Tonight, for instance, we were out for dinner. Mid-way through eating one of the complimentary […]