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My Son, the Nincompoop

The other day I read this article from 2010 about how we’re raising modern kids to be nincompoops. I thought it was a little scary, a little funny and a whole lot biased–I work with teenagers and while there are a fair number of nincompoops, there are also some very bright kids. I’ve got to […]

Top 5 + Top 5 = Top 10?

It’s exciting times around our house. Little guy just turned four months old, and he’s hitting those milestones left and right. Right now he loves talking (must have inherited that from his mom). He’s becoming quite adept at it, too. Here are his five favorite words: Ah Ooo Ah-Ooo Ooo-Ah Hornswoggle At the same time, […]


At lunch the other day, we were discussing the issues with bringing up your child’s genius status to his teachers/caregivers. You don’t want to seem to arrogant, but at the same time you don’t want your kid to be stuck in the chicken coop with the chickens when he should be soaring with the eagles. […]