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Cranky x2

I know I’ve been sporadic about posting here, but I promise you, I have about a million things making me cranky. Hopefully I will get time to post at least 100,000 of them before the end of the decade. I can’t promise that my more frequent posts will be happening any time in the immediate […]

Eating Habits

I can’t pretend like the tragedy in Connecticut yesterday didn’t happen. It’s brutal, senseless, despicable. But right now my thoughts and emotions about it are too chaotic to offer any insight or commentary. Plus there are plenty of opinions being voiced, from knee jerk reactions to thoughtful analyses. I will at some point share my […]

Disgusting Stuff

I used to gag–literally, gag out loud–when one of our cats would hork on the carpet and I’d have to clean it up. Now that I have a kid, I just laugh at a little thing like cat vomit. Yesterday, though, was probably the grossest thing to date (at least for me). My son loves […]