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Yakkety Yak

Tonight on my way to jiu jitsu my gi got caught on the screen door. I thought to myself, Self, you are going to be the first guy to tap out to a screen door. Then myself and I had a good laugh. Catching my clothes on stuff generally makes me cranky, but tonight I […]


Note: this post is more serious than my usual fare, and also a bit of free association. These ideas are linked in my mind, and I hope what I’ve written here makes those connections at least partially clear to you as well. If it doesn’t, I apologize–the hardest things to write about are those closest […]

The Tax Man Cometh

Very soon–much too soon for my taste–my wife and I will be back at work, molding the youth of America. When we go back, Wolfe will start his own educational adventure at day care. I’m not sure I’ll be ok with it emotionally, but at least I wasn’t worrying (too much) about it financially, because […]

Paternity Leave

I’m typing this one-handed while I hold my son, so excuse any typos. As a teacher, I’m lucky enough to enjoy six weeks off over the summer. (Believe me, I worked for over ten years in the corporate world, and I can honestly say I never worked harder–or needed the break more–than when I started […]

Tiny Adults?

Up until about a year ago I didn’t really notice the sexualization of children by adults in our entertainment media. Maybe it wasn’t there. Maybe the trend was so subtle that it’s actually been there for years and I’m just starting to notice it. Now that I’m a parent, though, it bothers me even more. […]

Thoughts On Being a Good Dad

Becoming a father makes you reflective. In fact, I’m so reflective my wife won’t let me go out in the sun. (Bad joke–so bad you may have to re-read that line to get it.) Seriously though, it’s a lot of pressure, trying to be a good dad. In Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk writes “If you’re […]

The Internet

Today Wolfe received his first round of immunizations. Imagine the worst pain you’ve experienced in your life. For Wolfe, that was today. I tried to tell him he’d experience much more, even worse, pain in his future. He was not comforted. My wife and I never considered skipping or modifying our son’s immunizations. I know […]