Monthly Archives: May 2012

Biology, Evolution and Fatherhood

I’ve heard the attitude a lot that fathers don’t (or can’t) participate in parenting because biologically they’re–well, they’re not women. Blame genetics, the argument goes. Women are designed to be nurturing caregivers. Fathers find their biological fulfillment in providing for their family. Evolution designed us this way, and it’s not just weird to be a […]

No Changing Table in the Men’s Room = Really Cranky

Nothing makes me crankier than the idea that dads don’t have anything to do with the direct, day-to-day caretaking of a baby. I’m a caregiver for my son, just like my wife is. Ok, maybe not just like her–my mammary glands are non-functional–but aside from that, I take an equal part in making sure my […]

The Importance of Being Cranky

My wife had our son on May 3, 2012. It was one of the greatest days of my life. No joke. The problem is, I’ve always been a little cranky. And now that I’m sleep-deprived and dealing with the stress of being a new parent, I’m really cranky. Really, really cranky. This blog is my […]