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Early Wake Ups

Our little guy has been waking up at nights in recent days, due to teething (and who knows what else–toddlers are like the weather in terms of changeability). This morning when my wife and I got up to start our day, he woke up as well. He was having trouble falling back to sleep, so […]

January in Pictures

I take a picture of my son almost every day. Since I teach part-time, I’m able to pick him up from daycare in the early afternoon. My wife is still slaving away, though, so I send her a picture of our little guy to brighten her day (and/or rub salt in the wound, especially on […]

The Tooth Will Set You Free

When our son was about two weeks old, my wife and I thought we could feel his teeth coming in. (Turns out he just has titanium gums.) Periodically over the next few months one or the other of us would be convinced he was teething. Finally, at around seven months, there were two unmistakeable bubbles […]

Tough Times

We all know the old saying about things getting tough…the tough get going. But where, exactly, do they go? It’s been a tough week, and at this point I don’t feel like going or doing much of anything. On January 1, my grandmother (Wolfe’s great-grandmother) passed away. She was 89 years old, had 10 kids, […]

Disgusting Stuff

I used to gag–literally, gag out loud–when one of our cats would hork on the carpet and I’d have to clean it up. Now that I have a kid, I just laugh at a little thing like cat vomit. Yesterday, though, was probably the grossest thing to date (at least for me). My son loves […]