Today our son discovered the word “smash.” He thinks it’s hilarious. He gave himself hiccups saying it and then giggling. Even though it’s an old standard for me, I found myself saying it back to him and giggling too. I did not get the hiccups, though.

Then my wife came in and smashed the giant Megablocks tower we had spent all day building. All the sudden “smash” isn’t so smashing anymore.*

*Note: That last part is completely made up. Well, except for the part about me and my 22-month-old spending a good chunk of time today building a Megablocks tower. But my wife didn’t damage our tower. Actually she was saying “smash” and giggling too–in fact, I think she’s the one who started it. It’s contagious! You should try. But you have to say it like you just learned the word and aren’t even sure what it means.


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