Brawn Is Not a Color

When I moved to the central Pennsylvania area in 2006, I was prepared for a lot of differences. What I was not prepared for was the PA Dutch accent. It’s most noticeable on certain words–“brown” sounds like “brawn,” “down” like “don,” “bury” like “hurry.” There are also some odd inflections. A person’s not “35 years old,” they’re “35 YEARSsold.”

There are some broader variances in dialect, too. A person is not “let go” from their job–they’re “left go.”

All these linguistic anomalies don’t make me cranky–I actually think they’re pretty cool. It makes me sad, though, because the accent seems to be fading. So I’m making it my personal mission to adopt the PA Dutch dialect and pass it on to my son. It won’t be easy, and I may ferhuddle him with all my rutching, but together we’ll keep hope alive.

Nah I’ve got to go donstairs. Wolfe’s don there yet.


One comment

  1. I will thwart you at every turn doncha no.

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