The Thoughts of a 15-month-old

Last November I posted what my son was thinking as he went about his daily business. Well, as he’s matured, so has his thought process. So now I give: what I imagine my son thinks, nine months later.

Hey, I’m standing up. Wow, everything looks so different from up here. Look at that toy. It’s tiny! How am I supposed to–what the? I’m sitting down again.

Oh, look, mom and dad put all this stuff back on this low-level table. I guess they didn’t understand it’s supposed to go on the floor. Here, I’ll take care of it.

I know what “kitty cat” and “all gone” mean. I even know where my “nose” is. But I don’t feel like I’ll truly be a linguist until I can decipher my parents’ favorite word. What is this “no” they’re always saying? Sometimes they even shout it!

Man, my fingers are burning up. They feel like they’re literally on fire. Let me just stick them in this fan to cool off. Hey, there’s that “no” again. I really need to learn how to read so I can look it up in a dictionary (whatever that is).

This plate of food looks really yummy. But I can’t quite make out the design on it. If I just flip it over…that’s better. Oh, a Christmas plate. Way to stay in season, Dad.

You really want to know how big I am? Huh? Do you? Ok, I’m THIS BIG! Yeah, yeah, I know. I can raise my arms over my head. So can every other kid in daycare. What the heck, I’ll clap for myself anyway. Go me.

How’d Popper get my nose again? Wait a second…it’s still here. This is just like that movie The Prestige. But that would mean Popper’s Christian Bale. So who am I? Michael Caine or Hugh Jackman? Things were so much simpler nine months ago. I never would have worried about this kind of stuff. I didn’t even know what a “nose” was. If I only I could go back and tell myself to really enjoy that time.


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