My Son Will Never…

  • Use a rotary dial phone
  • Listen to old-time radio sitcoms on cassette tape (unless I can sneak one past my wife)
  • Have to pay $1.00 because he didn’t rewind a video tape
  • Need to rewind the answering machine tape
  • Have to wonder when his family is going to get an answering machine (for my family, our first one was when I was in high school)
  • Mill around Blockbuster at “return deadline” time to see if anybody brought back a copy of the new release he’s dying to see
  • Save files to a floppy disk
  • Have to wait until he can go to the library to research the answer to a question
  • Make a mix tape
  • Print out driving directions from MapQuest (or, heaven forbid, use an actual map)
  • Not have to go through security at the airport
  • Deal with a dot matrix printer (remember how you had to make sure the paper was spooled correctly and then tear off the edges when it came out the other side?)
  • Wait 30-45 minutes for a prepackaged meal to cook
  • Experience the frustration of the President being on every TV station
  • Fiddle with bunny ears to get a good picture

Not all of these are bad things, but it does make me a bit nostalgic for my own childhood. What are some things you used to do that we don’t do anymore?


One comment

  1. Great article! To add to this:
    Never have to put change into a pay phone.
    Never have to walk into a record shop to get the new music he wants.
    Never have to hang around the house waiting for that special phone call.
    Never have to move the needle on a record when it skips.
    Never have to walk into a bank to deposit a check.
    Never have to open a newspaper to read the news or comics.
    Never have to learn to write cursive. (Though with you and Nat as parents, he probably will.)

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