Genetics and Frozen Treats

Yesterday, my wife and I hosted a meet-and-greet for Cesar Liriano, a great candidate for the 101st congressional district here in Pennsylvania. You can learn more about Cesar at

During the picnic, all three of our kids were going bananas for these popsicles we got (none of which were banana-flavored, but that’s beside the point). But, being little kids, they could only get about halfway through each delicious frozen treat before they devolved in half-melted piles of goo (the popsicles, not the kids). Which meant that between my own indulgences and “cleaning up” the kids’ leftovers, by the end of the evening I had eaten a baker’s dozen popsicles. And they were delicious. It reminded me of my own dad. He could–and would–go through any kind of frozen delectable in a matter of seconds. And when he would get together with his siblings, they could demolish an entire freezer full of treats. Which made me wonder if this is some kind of genetic trait and, if so, whether scientists would be interesting in studying me to identify which specific gene it is. If there’s free treats involved, sign me up.

Later, as we were packing up the leftovers, I admonished my wife not to forget the popsicles. She informed me that she gave them away to somebody else. My response: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

So here I sit, eating my breakfast of barbecue chips and Amish potato salad, with a tear coursing down my cheek as I think about what might have been. I hope those folks enjoy their popsicles. I know I would have.


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