Free Comic Book

My oldest son turned 6 this week. That was great. The best thing, actually.

Otherwise, my life right now is even more chaotic than normal. My “day job,” if there is such a thing in academia, is entering its busiest phase. At the same time, I’m scrambling to find/write proposals for additional grants before my position funding runs out. I’m also teaching two masters-level courses. And I’m trying to write conference proposals and journal articles related to the research we’ve been doing.

In the midst of that, on a personal note, my wife and I are scrambling to find reliable short-term child care while our regular provider recovers from surgery. The joy of spending more time with my kids is somewhat tempered by the logistics of the search process and the pressure of knowing I still have to get my work done, somehow, during the 24 hours that make up each day.

When faced with obstacles like this, I remember that “soonest begun is soonest done.” And then I spend an hour and a half ignoring my responsibilities by creating a crudely drawn and logically inconsistent comic strip.

But since yesterday was free comic book day, I found myself wondering why there are no comics about real heroes. So I decided to write the comic nobody knows they’ve been waiting for: The Adventures of Sally Wheeler, Substitute Teacher. Enjoy.

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