The Mean, Lean 2015

(See a whole messy history of my years in review at 2014 In the Rear View).

2015 was a good year for me, overall. My son, who is 3 1/2 years old now, continues to become a really cool guy. He’s developing a sense of humor to rival my own–although there’s debate about whether that’s a good or a bad thing. He’s also becoming a storyteller in his own rights, and is already better at it than I am. My daughter is now nearly 16 months old, and she is also very cool, even though she’s much different from her brother. She started barreling around the house this year, and when the doctor remarked at her one year checkup that she should be talking more, our girl took it as a challenge and is now adding words every day. My wife continues to be my rock and reaffirms daily that I have great taste in women (and was lucky enough to find one who had terrible taste in men).

My goal for 2014 was “to just be awesome, to myself and others.” Well, mission accomplished! As the hilarious joke t-shirt says, I was born awesome. So, on to the lists for 2015–my resolution for this year is at the very end, if you can’t wait for it.

Best Books I Read in 2015

Best Poems I Read in 2015

  • Passage by Thomas Dooley
  • Mercy Beach by Kamilah Aisha Moon
  • Enough by Ellen Bass
  • Do Not Speak of the Dead by Cecilia Llompart
  • Doors opening, closing on us by Marge Piercy
  • Long as a Quart of Milk by Kevin Pilkington
  • Fable by Nicole Callihan
  • Where they lived by Thomas Hardy
  • Cascades 501 by Rick Barot
  • Succession by Jeffrey Brown
  • The Night Is Still by Edith Matilda Thomas
  • Fury by Tina Chang
  • Darkening, Then Brightening by Kim Addonizio
  • On the Grasshopper and Cricket by John Keats
  • Dreams by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Literal, Littoral, Littleral by Danielle Pafunda
  • Sunset Park by Patrick Phillips
  • Time Passes by Joy Ladin
  • Champagne by Laura Kasischk
  • from The Uses of the Body by Deborah Landau
  • Leisure by Amy Lowell
  • Aubade by Philip Larkin
  • Abeyance by Rebecca Foust
  • October by Helen Hunt Jackson

Best Movies I Watched in 2015 (basically, the ones I remember I assume had something good in them)

  • Inside Out
  • Creed
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation
  • James Bond: Spectre
  • Run All Night

Songs I Listened to in 2015

Good Moments of 2015

  • Passing my comps
  • Spring trip to Chicago with Team Duvall
  • Summer trip to Chincoteague
  • Summer trip to Baltimore
  • Winter break trip to Gettysburg with Team Duvall
  • Writing a (small and semi-functional) piece of software for the first time in a couple of years
  • Motley Crue concert with Mrs. D
  • Dave Chappelle concert with Mrs. D
  • Lots of family walks
  • Resuming Krav Maga training with Mrs. D


There was so much more stuff that went on this year, mostly good, some bad. Obviously a lot of the bad stuff was more universal–people shooting each other, bombing each other, destroying stuff (including the Earth), and basically just being jerks. Those things are bad and I don’t want to ignore them, but I also don’t want this post to be a complete downer. Friend me on Facebook if you want more negative stuff, as that’s where I post most of it.

Thanks to everyone who read this far, and since you did, please know that Mark Zuckerberg has promised to donate some of his fortune to you. Here are my goals for 2016: enjoy time with Team Duvall, finish my doctoral thesis, run like the wind. That’s it. Oh, and figure out a way to create world peace.

Hazard yet forward! I’m keen for 2016.

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