Cranky x2

I know I’ve been sporadic about posting here, but I promise you, I have about a million things making me cranky. Hopefully I will get time to post at least 100,000 of them before the end of the decade. I can’t promise that my more frequent posts will be happening any time in the immediate future, though, because I’m now cranky for two.

That’s right, just a little over a week ago my wife and I welcomed our newest addition into the world. Our little girl looked like an eggplant when she came flying out of the womb (to keep things polite), but fortunately that didn’t last long. I hope to post about the trials of having nurses who think you’re derelicts, billi-blankets, and erratic poop schedules (baby’s, not mine). For now, though, baby and big brother are both sleeping, which means I’d better get some shut eye since one or both of them is sure to wake up in 45 minutes.

Keep on trucking, everybody! Namaste.



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