Two Years Ago…

(Our son at 1 day old…)

Two years ago at this time, I had no idea who our son was. I was unaware of how our lives were about to change. I’d be remiss not to start off with some mention of my wife, since she has been, quite frankly, instrumental in this process of achieving parenthood. She is a great mom and I am so thankful that we are truly partners. Basically we operate as a team, and our son is a third member (but he’s the rookie who gets to do all the crappy stuff and has to endure the hazing, etc.).

Aside from the horde of doctors in the operating room on that fateful day, I was the first person who got to see and hold our son. My wife was still being stitched up following her emergency C-section. I thought our little guy was something special, but I was worried because he had a giant conehead (it has since transformed into a still giant, but not so conical, head).

It seems like both a long time ago, and just like yesterday. I will say I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. I love being a dad, and part of that is having such a great kid. Two years later and I know our kid loves: dancing, dressing up, spinning things (seriously, if it can spin, he will spin it!), reading books, building with blocks, sorting shapes and laughing. Oh, and peas–he really loves peas. The more they taste like a can, the better.

We’ve had our share of scares–like being in the hospital three times (including last Memorial Day for a week)–but mostly we’ve had a lot of good times and laughter. Our guy is laid back and really just wants to spin stuff and have a chuckle. He’s spinning the cat right now, and laughing like a loon the whole time.

So here’s to my favorite son, a guy I’ve known his entire life–our big boy is two years old!



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