The Mind

Our son has recently hit a new milestone: he’s started defining things as “mine.” Like “my block,” “my bottle,” “my mama.”

He’s also starting to know his own mind–what he wants (usually “apple juice”) and when he wants it (generally, “now”).

So I’m looking forward to the next phase, when he starts to ask “why?”. I know many parents hate the question. But I embrace it.

When he asks, we’ll start with a quick review of some questions that have plagued philosophers for centuries. What is the mind? How do we know it exists? What is “knowledge”? What is “learning”? Then we’ll move on to “why does it matter”? We’ll go through everything, and finally arrive at an understanding of why I am telling/asking him to do a particular action at a particular time.

Or maybe I’ll just fall back on the old standby, “Because I said so.” Depends on how long the nap was that day (mine, not his).



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