For the last five weeks or so, I have been a stay-at-home parent. My wife was back to teaching, and I was left alone to care for our son and house until my PhD classes (and research/teaching assistantship) started last week. Here are a few of the things I discovered.

  • Although I understand that the things I did (cleaning, doing laundry, fixing meals, caring for our son) have value, and I consider myself relatively enlightened in terms of gender stereotypes, I still felt guilty because I wasn’t “producing” anything.
  • You always think you will have more free time than you ever actually do once your child is mobile.
  • A toddler doesn’t care if you pick up the toy/snack/remote he just dropped with your toes. In fact, it seems to make it taste even better.
  • It might be “fake” or “bad” cooking, but some things are just better in the CrockPot ™.
  • To a 16-month-old, “make this ring spin around in circles” is an endlessly entertaining game.
  • To a 36-year-old, “make this ring spin around in circles” is an endlessly entertaining game.
  • There’s nothing better than hanging out with your son all day (unless we could have figured out a way to keep Mom home too).
  • People at the supermarket will notice and comment if you and your son wear matching onesies.
  • Running while pushing a jogging stroller is much slower, but somehow more fulfilling. Plus it really beefs up those guns (yours, not the kid’s).

The good news is, I still get two days a week with the little guy. Next on our list is to try our hands at drywalling/fingerpainting the attic.


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