My Son’s Superpower

I’ve discovered that my son has a super power.

All summer, the little guy has been sleeping well. He’ll be out for eight or nine hours, wake up for a bottle and then go back to sleep for two or three more hours. Plus he still naps a couple times per day. It’s been great.

Then came last night. I had a meeting this morning with two of the professors in the PhD program I start next month. It’s in the big city, which meant I had to get up early and catch a train.

Of course this was the night little man decided to wake up every hour or so. We even brought him into our bed–usually a fail safe last resort. This time, though, he just grunted and tossed and turned some more, making it even harder to sleep.

Finally, as I kissed my wife goodbye, I noticed my son had fallen into a peaceful slumber.

So no super strength or x-ray vision or preternatural speed for my son. His superpower is sensing important events and adjusting his sleep schedule…to disrupt them. In fact, he may not be a superhero. He might just be the world’s most nefarious supervillain.

But I still love him. And I only fell asleep once at my lunch meeting (unfortunately it was in my soup).


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