Expectations Versus Reality

So I had a whole list of things to do for father/son day yesterday. Here’s what we actually accomplished:

  • Wore tank tops
  • Watched boxing
  • Tried (unsuccessfully, so far) to teach my son to throw a jab-straight when I say, “Wanna box?”
  • Played roll the ball
  • Scratched the cat’s head (me) and tugged on the cat’s collar (son)
  • Did the “what’s back there?” game (which involves sitting on the couch and hoisting my son overhead while saying, “What’s back there?”) about 100 times
  • Went “running” for an hour (between the heat and the 20+ pound kid in the jogging stroller, “shambling” was more like it)
  • Dominated some pizza and hot wings
  • Built and destroyed several mega blocks towers
  • Read Monday the Bullfrog
  • Listened to the A-B-C song and his Scout the Dog songs about 1,732 times
  • Had a blast!

Except, of course, that we both miss Mom. Good news is she’s home today–hopefully in time for a nap!


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