Dad and Son Day

Today my wife is going to NYC with two of her college friends. This means I am enjoying a little male bonding time with our little guy. Here are a few of the items on my to-do list.

  • Wear tank tops
  • Go fishing (buy fishing license [and fishing poles {and bobbers (and sinkers [and bait {and tackle box}])}])
  • Forget about actual fishing and play the app on my iPad instead
  • Dress in a tunic and riding pants; paint little guy green and attach giant fake ears; go for a run with him on my back
  • Cruise down to the town square in the Corvette and harass the locals
  • My son’s first trip to Taco Bell
  • Master this walking thing
  • Watch the first 13 installments of the Friday the 13th film series
  • Water balloon fight
  • Read and discuss Ulysses
  • Watch old UFC and WWF tapes
  • Practice jiu jitsu
  • Go to a hot wing buffet

After that, we’ll start our afternoon.


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