Rambling Rants

It’s not the humidity, it’s the heat! And it’s making me cranky. I can’t even bring myself to compose a fully coherent post. Here are a few random thoughts about things that have bothered, are bothering, or will bother me.

  • I’ve posted before about people giving us stuff, and it’s great. I love to get stuff and not have to pay for it. But here’s what I don’t like: when people give you a trunk full of their old stuff and say, “Just donate whatever you don’t want.” How about if we go through it, take what we want, and you donate whatever’s left? Because invariably what happens is the stuff just sits in a box in our house somewhere. So when we appear on the tv show Hoarders, it won’t actually be any of our stuff we’re navigating through, over and around–it will be all the stuff people have gifted us with and told us to donate what we didn’t want.
  • With all the federal government spying programs, why can’t the federal student financial aid programs directly access my tax returns? Why do I need a pin, the blood of a goat, a sprig of hogswart–and then still have to enter information from specific lines on the tax return that I filed (also with the federal government)?
  • Why do websites insist on having very strict password rules, most of which wouldn’t defeat a truly dedicated hacker but just serve to annoy me and break my spirit? When I want to check how much we’ve socked away for our son’s college (about $101, as of right now, and he’d better not spend it all in one place), I have to go through 5,000 hoops only to be locked out of the account until I call somebody, who asks me two or three questions that anybody could figure out the answer to, and then resets it for me with a super secure password that I won’t remember in three months.
  • My son is already mocking me (http://youtu.be/58apRpc6-mA), and he’s only a little over a year old. I dread what it’s going to be like when he’s a teenager.

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