Feeling Cranky Again

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about being cranky, because it’s been a while since something’s made me really cranky. Tonight, though…I’m cranky. Here’s why.

I always used to hate the stories that would start with, “When you’re a parent, then you’ll understand…”. I still hate those stories, but now I understand them. This story is one of those, so if you’re not a parent, you probably won’t care. And that’s ok.

Earlier tonight I was trying to affix a sheet to my son’s Pack ‘N Play mattress pad. The term “mattress” is used very loosely, since it’s just a piece of foldy cardboard. Fitted sheets are the devil’s own invention anyway, but add to that a mattress that collapses and what you have is a sort of inefficient slingshot. The first time, the sheet flew across the room. The next time, the mattress. The third time, I thought I had it, only to realize that one side was not completely folded under the mattress (a sure way to cause SIDS). Since I could feel the vein in my temple throbbing, I very carefully pulled the sheet under the side of the pad…at which point it flew off the other side, and the whole show started again.

30 minutes later, I had properly affixed the sheet to the mattress pad. Finally I could put my son safely in his Pack ‘N Play while I loaded the dishwasher, knowing that he wasn’t rolling around putting his fingers in electrical outlets (I did that once when I was a kid and I’m still not right). Of course, that was when little guy peed all over himself, which meant time to change the sheet again.


One comment

  1. Now that is funny!!!! I totally understand what you’re saying! My favorite is when you get a clean diaper on him, but as soon as you fasten the flaps he all of a sudden he becomes pressurized with another bowel movement! All the while he screaming like he missed the last helicopter out of Vietnam! I’m thinking, Plug the hole!” So I am inventing something to keep the pacifier from falling out…

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