High Chairs Are Gross; Also, I Hate Girl Scouts

My wife and I are leery of communal high chairs. We always wipe them down, douse them in Lysol, paint them in antibacterial ointment, set them briefly on fire, cover them in sanitized plastic wrap, and ensconce our son in a hazmat onesie prior to sitting him in one.

I’ve wondered at times if this was overkill. The other day, though, I took a peek under the cushion on our home high chair–which we’re very careful to try and keep clean. This picture is what I found. Now I’m thinking we’re not being careful enough.


Also, as a side note: I hate the Girl Scouts. Not necessarily individually, but as an aggregate, I can’t stand them. Why?

The cookies.

My wife, in all of her piety, gave up desserts for Lent. She also purchased half a metric ton of diabetes-inducing Girl Scout cookies. There were approximately thirty-two boxes in the house. Notice I wrote “were.”

I suppose I could eat a sensible number of cookies every day, or not blame the Girl Scouts for my own weakness in devouring multiple boxes in one sitting. Neither of those seems like a valid option, though.

Got to go now. I just remembered where I saw a box of Tag Alongs the other day, and I think it was unopened.


One comment

  1. Pretty funny!

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