Still Cranky

I know my postings have been sparse lately. You might think I don’t have anything to be cranky about anymore. If so, you’re wrong. I’m cranky as ever–maybe even crankier.

The real reason my posts have slowed to a trickle is that I’ve returned to the hallowed hoary halls (hey, alliteration!) of higher education. After completing the class work necessary for my post-bachelors teaching certification, I vowed I was done with learning new stuff. Then I realized I only needed four more classes to get yet another masters degree (this one in the Science of Instruction), and I figured what the hey. Plus my student loans were coming due and so I needed the deferral.

People will tell you it’s tough going back to school when you have a kid. To be honest, it hasn’t been that bad for me, but my wife and I have worked out a system where we both help out with the care of our child, pitching in more when the other person needs it. So over the winterim (yep, it’s a thing) I did a little extra while she took her ethical leadership class, and now she’s returning the favor while I’m matriculating. The biggest problem is that our little guy sometimes kicks the keyboard while I’m typing, inserting what appear to be Gaellic curse words in the middle of my otherwise brilliant papers. (Actually, it makes them better and slightly more coherent.)

All that rambling is to say I will still be posting semi-regularly, just not quite as often until June or so. (I know both of my readers just heaved big sighs of relief. You’re welcome!)

In baby news, our son had his nine month checkup last week. The good news is everything checked out fine. The bad news is, he still has a giant head and has trouble fitting into a one-size-fits-all hat. Seriously, 94% head size, 11% height, and somewhere around 30% weight? I think they may have mis-measured his height, though, especially since he grew an inch and a half between when the nurse measured him and when the doctor did (since the nurse’s numbers had him shrinking since last appointment). Just in case, we’ve started pulling on his legs every night to get those suckers stretched out.

He’s still the cutest thing ever, though, as evidenced by the picture below. Have a great Valentine’s Day!



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