The Tooth Will Set You Free

When our son was about two weeks old, my wife and I thought we could feel his teeth coming in. (Turns out he just has titanium gums.) Periodically over the next few months one or the other of us would be convinced he was teething. Finally, at around seven months, there were two unmistakeable bubbles on his lower gum. It took forever for those teeth to poke through, but Sunday night we finally saw some white. Yesterday at daycare they made it official by posting a “Wolfe got his first tooth” sign on our cubby. So that’s it. One tooth down, thirty-one to go.

I told my wife I wonder what he thinks of the whole thing. I mean, if random pieces of bone started to stick through my skin, I’d be pretty freaked out. He seems to be taking it in good stride, though. He did ask for a slice of pizza today, so I guess he knows what they’re for.

Here’s a pic–not sure if you can make out the little sliver of tooth or not, but trust me, it’s there.


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