Tough Times

We all know the old saying about things getting tough…the tough get going. But where, exactly, do they go?

It’s been a tough week, and at this point I don’t feel like going or doing much of anything. On January 1, my grandmother (Wolfe’s great-grandmother) passed away. She was 89 years old, had 10 kids, 34 (I think) grandkids and 45 great-grandkids. She lived a good life and was ready to go at the end. But that doesn’t help those of us who are left here.

A few days before she died I spoke with her on the telephone–she had an actual telephone, an old one with the rotary dial–and her last words to me were that I had “a cute baby.” I feel that was her blessing on me, somehow, like in an Old Testament story. Wolfe got to meet her in person one time, over Thanksgiving break, and I’m glad now that we stopped to visit her for a few minutes.

And now the traveling and services are over, and break is over, and it’s back to the normal routines of life. Only I’m not particularly feeling it. I’d like to stay home in my pajamas with Wolfe and my wife and a good book and come out sometime in the summer. I won’t, of course, and I know these mundane daily activities will help over time. I do feel bad for my aunts and uncles, because I’m sure their grief is a magnitude greater than mine.

Life does go on, though. Wolfe is struggling to get his first two teeth. What would you do if bones all of a sudden started poking out of your gums? I, personally, would start freaking out. He’s handling it with just a little crankiness. (Sorry for the quick and jarring transition there, but I couldn’t leave this post on a completely downer note.)

Here’s to better times in the future. We miss you, Grandma.



  1. I am so glad that you were able to stop over Thanksgiving break! She often commented about your little boy. But then she always remembered all of her kids! (And all of their birthdays, and what they were doing, etc.)
    I know how you feel about getting back out there. Except I turned around and came down with the virus that was running (no pun on words intended) through the family!! Actually missed the first day of the “Thurs.” classes. Oh well…..there’s always next week.
    That “blessing” from grandma was a special one!

    1. Sorry to hear you got sick! Hope you all are doing ok.

  2. The best tribute you can give your grandmother is to live an exceptional life. Touch as many lives as you can, and teach Wolfe to do the same.

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