Wolfe’s First Christmas

I started a detailed list of everything that happened on my son’s first Christmas. By the time I got to point IV. A. 1.1, though, I decided that might not be super interesting for anyone other than me. So here are the highlights:

  • Breakfast: milk + a shot of formula nog for Wolfe. His mother and I tried a Crock Pot (or, in our case, “slow cooker”) baked oatmeal. Let’s just say Wolfe’s breakfast might have been better. Next time we make the oatmeal we’ll ignore the instructions and stir so we don’t end up with unflavored oatmeal in the first serving and syrupy chunks of apples and brown sugar in the second.
  • Nuclear family presents: first, our stockings. Guess what was inside? Our feet! (Har har har.) Wolfe was kind enough to share his Reese’s peanut butter trees with mom and dad. Next we opened our gifts. Wolfe was very excited…to chew on his wrapping paper.
  • Extended family presents: we let Wolfe help open the presents from my family in Ohio (thanks, Grandma, for the electronic tambourine that plays “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” over…and over…and over). Wolfe was very excited…to chew on his wrapping paper.
  • Extended family presents, part 2: we went to the in-laws house for lupper and more gifts. Wolfe got some sweet potatoes and apples/peaches/pears/oatmeal (NOT from our breakfast). By the time we opened presents, Wolfe was…asleep. He opened them later, with an audience of three: his mom, his dad and his cousin. He got a lot of cool stuff, including a jumperoo, and he was very excited…to chew on his wrapping paper. Actually, while I assembled the parts, Wolfe had a blast playing with the box. He started crying when we took it away and put him in the jumperoo (just kidding, but that would have been great).
  • The end of the day: Wolfe snuggled up with Ferdie the Frog (one of his gifts from us) and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of next year when he hopes for…foil paper to chew on!

I apologize for the overuse of ellipses. To show my sincerity, here are a couple of pics of Wolfe’s first Christmas.





  1. He’s adorable! I love the hair. And I’ve always wanted an adult size jumperoo.

  2. Eljay was the same…except he didn’t care about the paper either!

    By the way…I LOVE overusing ellipses as well as exclamation points!!!

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