Christmas Eve

People keep asking my wife and me if we’re excited for Christmas. They also find it necessary to inform us that this is our son’s first Christmas (I am bad at math, but after a quick check of the abacus I’d already figured that out).

We are excited to have a long break from school and spend time with our little guy, but here’s a secret about (almost) eight-month-old babies: they don’t understand holidays yet. In fact, I’m not even sure Wolfe understands different days of the week yet. So he’s no more excited about Christmas than any other day–which, given our kid’s innate joyfulness, is still pretty darned excited–and, by extension, we aren’t any more excited than we would be any other year.

What we have discovered, though, is that Wolfe loves crumpling and gnawing on discarded wrapping paper, so if you wanted to get him something but don’t want to spend a fortune…

Anyway, we are going to have a fun and fantastic couple of days here at our little home. I will post a Christmas pictorial later this week, starting with our baked oatmeal breakfast and ending with me burning Santa in effigy after another year when I didn’t get what I really wanted (world peace and a million dollars, tax-free).

I hope you enjoy the holidays with your family, too. I leave you with a picture of Wolfe in a reindeer track suit, plus a clever take on his name that I’m sure he’ll never grow tired of as he gets older. Merry Christmas (or happy solstice, or fantastic Festivus, or whatever you choose to celebrate).




One comment

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Wait until he’s 2 at Christmas and just discovering all of the magic. It’s sooooo much fun!!

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