What’s My Percentile Redux

My son is a happy kid, but he does have a few minor issues. One problem is his oversized skull. Babies usually get that from one of their parents…but while it might seem obvious which of us Wolfe inherited his from, we now have some surprising evidence that flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Whose head is bigger, mine or my wife’s? We found out today, and I have the exact measurements.

But first, a little background. A while ago I posted about how our son was diagnosed with (relatively) mild torticollis. The physical therapy exercises have been progressing well, to the point where the PT told us we only need to go back to her if we feel like we need to. Still, as I wrote yesterday, my wife and I are overanxious. Due to a combination of friendly advice, Internet research, and pictures of babies in helmets, we got worried that by not getting Wolfe a helmet we were dooming him to a lifetime of deformity and despair.

Our understanding pediatrician referred us to a pediatric neurosurgeon. We had the specialist appointment today. The good news is, our son doesn’t need the helmet. His flat spot isn’t severe enough to warrant it (you can read about a different experience at How Do You Do It?).

In the course of the appointment, though, the doc measured my head and my wife’s head (our son is in the 98th percentile in head size–that’s a giant noggin!). Here’s the thing, though. He looked up our measurements on a chart as well. So back when I said I wanted to know my percentile…well, there is a chart for adults! Now I just have to figure out where I fall in terms of height and weight. My head circumference is 58 cm, in the 95th percentile for adult men. Surprisingly, my wife’s head is 57 cm, which is in the 95th percentile for adult women. Not so easy to put all the blame on me for this one!

While we still don’t know which one of us is to blame for giving our son that enormous cranium, I must say I’m relieved our little guy doesn’t need the helmet. Not because of how they look–if you google pictures of babies in helmets, they’re actually pretty cute. But the helmet has to be worn 23 hours a day, and one thing our son did get from me is his body heat/sweatiness gene. If he had to wear a helmet, he would be a slimy, stinky pile of goo by the end of the day.

So here’s to no helmet! We’re going to go back in a couple of months just to check his progress, but for now everything looks ok. Just have to keep up with the exercises and stretches, and little guy should be nearly symmetrical by the time he’s…oh, five or so. He’s still a handsome little devil, flat spot or no. We’ll all sleep peacefully tonight on our oversize pillows…but I’m sure we’ll read something online tomorrow that will have us worrying again.



  1. Well that is good news and you should both sleep better…..at least tonight! He’ll be fine.

  2. […] of all, our son is slightly below the national average weight for kids his age. So a drawstring would be a great solution to fitting him into some of the nice 24 […]

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